About On The Set

Bringing Hollywood to Birmingham through education, training and presence.

On The Set teaches the full realm of film-making to kids between the ages of 10 to 18. The campers go on location and are placed on a live action set to shoot a short film that stars a real Hollywood Actor! They literally are given full responsibility of each element of film production, while being supervised by a professional. Once the film is ready to be shown, On the Set presents a RED Carpet Premiere and Awards Show! There is no other summer camp that offers the entire process of film-making on this level!

davidpodiumPeep This Actors-Director’s Guild is the non-profit organization that presents On The Set Summer Film Camp. The Mission of Peep This Actors/Directors Guild is to serve as a public laboratory for showcasing academic year and summer professional training and research in film, theater and music for Birmingham and the State of Alabama youths.

It is also our purpose to be a vital community resource by providing creative and accessible programs through which young people have the opportunity to experience meaningful development in a safe and accepting environment.

On The Set Summer Film Camp is a youth program that teaches the full realm of film production. The summer camp begins with textbook teachings of cinematography, lighting, sound, script writing, acting and producing. The campers are given booklets to take notes and diagram material on each section to study for reviews.
After reviewing each section, campers are allowed to participate in demonstrative activities prior to dissecting the script for pre-production. Once the theme of the script is discussed and the objective is understood, each scene of the movie is then outlined for production needs and placed on a shooting schedule according to location and scene prerequisites.

The campers are then divided into teams, which consist of a director, a producer, equipment operators, production assistants and a slate operator for scene production and competition. The campers that are interested in acting are auditioned for primary roles in the short film.
The campers go on location to produce, direct, shoot and act in starring roles of the short film. The short film stars a real Hollywood Actor.

The campers are observed by the professional instructors during the entire process to be awarded in the categories of “Best Director”, “Best Producer”, “Best Actor/Actress” and “Best Crew Member” at the November premiere and awards show at The Alabama Theater.