On The Set Summer Film Camp is a non-profit program presented by Peep This Actors-Directors Guild, a 501 (C) 3. On The Set teaches the full realm of filmmaking to youth between the ages of 10 to 18!  After being trained in the categories of director, producing, lighting, sound, cinematography and acting, our campers go on location to produce, direct, shoot and act in starring roles of a short film. The short film stars a real Hollywood Actor.

The campers are observed by the professional instructors during the entire process to be awarded in the categories of “Best Director”, “Best Producer”, “Best Actor/Actress” and “Best Cinematographer” at the November premiere and awards show.

We successfully launched in St. Louis, MO this summer and will host a TWO city premiere and awards show for our campers (Birmingham, AL – Nov. 10th and St. Louis Nov. 3rd).  Both camps shot the same movie with a different cast of kids (and kid producers).  During the Awards Show the kids will Skype and discuss preparing for roles and their overall experience with On The Set Summer Film Camp.

The movie is entitled UNITY.  It the story of kids playing a board game and being sucked into the game.  Our 2019 celebrity mentor Carl Anthony Payne (from the hit show MARTIN) plays Mr. Libra and has to help the gamers find their way home.  Carl’s son, Caleb Payne attended the St. Louis camp and also stars in the movie. 

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO. Awards Show – Nov. 3rd @ Delmar Hall (5 PM)

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL. Awards Show – Nov. 10th @ The Lyric Theater (5 PM)

*The 2019 Award Shows will be edited together and televised – Come and be included in our television audience*